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The mission of Art Auctions of America is to provide sellers and buyers of art the most comprehensive list of art auction houses in America. Most auction houses will on occasion include art in their auctions. Our auction house list seeks to include all auctions who include art on a regular basis. We will gladly add any auction house that we may have overlooked.

In addition, services offered by auction houses often change. For instance, an auction house may partner with a new bidding service provider or may discontinue a relationship. If we are informed of these changes, we will certainly make those changes on our site.

Whether an auction house is included on the site is up to our discretion. However, any auction house that wishes to be omitted from the site may also inform us of those wishes, which we will implement.

At the current time, there is no plan to add advertising to this site. However, if visitorship increases to a level that makes advertising feasible, we will consider that possibility and inform auction houses of those opportunities.

We are always interested in make more informative and helpful to our visitors. We welcome any suggestions that will aid us in achieving this.


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