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Auction Type Comments
ArtFact OnLine Bidding Service

ArtFact is an online bidding service for multiple auctions with a specialty in art, antiques and collectibles. Large database of artists with auction records, which require subscription. Registrants can sign up for artist alerts for available art in upcoming auctions.


Online Auction There are many art services offered by ArtNet for both the collector and industry including auctions.
AuctionZip OnLine Bidding Service

AuctionZip is a bidding service for multiple goods including art, antiques and decorate arts.

AuctionZip is a part of the ArtFact network with a lesser emphasis on art.

eBay Direct From Artist
Online Auction Offers art from both dealers and artists
ICollector OnLine Bidding Service

Icollector is a Canadaian bidding technology provider for diversified auctions including art and antiques.

IGavel OnLine Bidding Service and Online auction

iGavel is an online Auction site dedicated solely to the sale of fine arts, antiques and collectibles offered by a network of independently owned auction houses, dealers, appraisers and other arts professionals. Sales are held in a traditional auction-catalog format entirely online.

Invaluable OnLine Bidding Service

Invaluable is a part of the ArtFact network with offices in United Kingdom. They provide the same services as ArtFact.

LiveAuctioneers OnLine Bidding Service

Live Auctioneers offers bidding services to all types of auction houses including art. For art, it is one of the major providers of these services. Individuals can sign up for their newsletter.

ProxiBid OnLine Bidding Service

A general online bidding service that does not specialize in art.

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